Conferences you can book now

Smart Systems Summit - 2014

This October 1-2 CIR hosts an exciting and innovative innovation conference in smart systems in 5 in-depth sessions with a preparatory evening session and a roundtable dinner at the venue the previous day.

High Value Manufacturing Graphene+ 2014 Cambridge

3-4 November 2014. Last November 2013’s Cambridge and May 2014’s Oxford Graphene+ conferences were a resounding success. This Autumn we widen the scope to carbon-based functional materials including graphene in a 2-day summit with an executive briefing & learning day in Cambridge! Please contact us if you wish to book in advance for followup conferences this year.

8th Smart Homes - 2014 Cambridge

This November 4 CIR hosts an 8th innovative innovation conference in smart buildings in 4 in-depth sessions at favourite Murray Edwards College conference venue covering the connected homes killer apps of today and the future.