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HVM Graphene Conference 2013 - Took place 5 November Cambridge

Opening Session – Introduction & Graphene Basics: Functional Materials
10:00 Mike McCreary, Director, CIR Strategy
- Conference introduction
10:05 Professor Peter Dobson, Oxford University - Chairman's Introduction
How is the investment in Graphene going to pay off?

10:20 Prof Andrea Ferrari, Cambridge University 
& Head, Cambridge Graphene Centre
Overview of the Applications of Graphene

10:35 Dr Patrick Frantz, CEO, Cambridge Graphene Platform
Low Cost Graphene & 2D Layered Material Inks for Printed Electronics
10:50 Dr Steve Thomas, Conductive Inkjet Technology Ltd
Conductive materials – market uses & experiences
11:05 Panel with speakers & moderator
11:30 Coffee break
Session 2 – Additive manufacturing, electronics, photonics
11:50 Mike Banach, Research Manager, Plastic Logic - Gold Sponsor
Shaping the next industrial revolution
12:05 Dr David Brown, CTO, Canatu
Scaling of Carbon NanoBud film production for commercial apps in touch and display devices
12:20 Dr Richard van Rijn, CTO, Applied Nanolayers
Wafer scale production of graphene: opportunities and challenges
12:30 Dr Kate Stone, Novalia
Interactive Print
12:40 Peter Towler, Director, BritonEMS part of OSI Electronics, Gold Sponsor What to expect from your EMS Supplier

12:47 Panel with Moderator Professor Ferrari & Dr Rob Harvey, AtomJet
13:10 Lunch and Exhibitions
Session 3 – Commercialisation Cases & other materials & applications
14:00 Dr Krzysztof Koziol, Chief Scientist, Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd

Large-scale development of low-D carbon nanostructures
14:15 Professor Jonathan Coleman Trinity College Dublin
Layered materials: from tiny things to advanced applications 
14:30 Professor Richard Palmer, CEO, Birmingham University
Prospects for massive scale-up from nano research in biochips & catalysis
14:50 Dr Nathan Hill, Strategy Director, National Graphene Institute
Commercialisation strategies for graphene
15:10 Panel with Moderator Del Stark CEO, Nanopro

15:30 Tea break

Final Session – Strategy for UK HVM & Graphene
16:00 Dr Jani Kivioja, Nokia Research Center
Graphene – What is the commercial viability of short term applications?
16:30 Nick Coutts MA; Genesys Accelerator & CIR Strategy
Routes to Value for Graphene
16:40 Dr Martin Kemp, NanoKTN, Gold Sponsor
Graphene commercialisation – Summary of industry consultation workshops
16:55 Professor Sir Michael Gregory CBE, Head, IfM
Where next for UK manufacturing?  
17:05 Panel with Professor Sir Mike Gregory CBE; Chairman's Summary
17:30 Networking & Drinks Reception