MasterClass, Press Conference, Lab Tours, Expo, Dinner at Madingley Hall & Business Conference Graphene+ 2015 Cambridge

Introduction from Dr Justin Hayward, CEO of CIR and Co-Director of Cambridge Graphene Days 2015

It is an honour to have the chance to bring together such excellent industrial and entrepreneurial growth companies in the graphene and GRM sector with Cambridge University and its new Graphene Centre Building Hub. Cambridge is perhaps the top global university across all key measures including teaching and research. It is also home to a burgeoning technology cluster. Great companies have been born here in the last 25 years, but now multinationals also regularly come to have a base in Cambridge to find excellent research, engineering & programming staff, partnerships with top academics and other outsourcing and learning with many other players offering services in the tech cluster. I look forward to an inspiring couple of days of events.

We meet at CGD15 as a conferencing & exhibiting group of leaders in industry, business and academia to try to accelerate the value network growth for all who wish to learn about, understand, develop, productise, market, implement and use graphene and graphene related materials (GRMs) and related equipment. The organisers of this set of events over two days are focused on maximising the value for every single participant. It is well known that graphene and related functional materials could add high value to businesses, products and services across a wide range of industrial and sectors, but there is far more to this than known science & available technology. We know from other innovation markets that those are just the tip of the value iceberg. In summary:

1. Graphene technology is here;
2. Graphene applications are happening;
3. Cambridge is a graphene technology hub.
4. CGD15 has expertise to help remove barriers to adoption of Graphenes in product portfolios

Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale commented ”The Cambridge hub is one of the pre-eminent places to go for the highest quality science and application skills. As a leading technological solution provider to this rapidly evolving market sector it made great sense to support this centre of excellence covering graphene and related nano materials, . We believe the conferences and workshops at the Cambridge Graphene Days will showcase the adoption and use of the graphene materials in real products. Haydale’s functionalised graphene technology already is providing ground breaking benefits to organisations involved with composite materials, conductive inks and next generation battery technology”.

Chuck Milligan, CEO, FlexEnable commented ”The relevance of graphene and graphene-like materials to flexible electronics for displays and sensors is clear, and we are proud to be co-sponsors of the Cambridge Graphene Days event – and the opening of the Graphene Building in Cambridge. We believe that our unique manufacturing processes for flexible electronics, together with the exponential growth expected in the flexible display and IoT sensor markets, provide enormous opportunity for this exciting class of materials.”

Professor Andrea Ferrari added “We are very much looking forward to our Cambridge Graphene Technology Day on the 5th of November, when we will showcase industrial applications of graphene and related materials. We are also excited to be hosting high value manufacturing-oriented meetings on the site of the Cambridge Graphene Centre”

This set of events is delivered by CIR in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Graphene Centre.

Who should attend | Why attend | Haydale Press Release | FlexEnable Press Release | Science & Tech Roadmap for Graphene, GRMs (academia led) | CIR Strategy Value Network Map for Graphene (business leader co-created Feb 2015)

5 November, 2015, New Cambridge Graphene Centre Building
MasterClass | Exhibition of Technology | Tours of New Labs | Media Event with Vice Chancellor, Professor Leszek Borysiewicz FRS FRCP FMedSci FLSW, Cambridge University | Dinner at Madingley Hall, Cambridge

6 November, 2015, New Cambridge Graphene Centre Building
3rd CIR Graphene Business Conference | Exhibition of Technology | Tours of New Labs
Chaired by Professor Andrea Ferrari, Head, Cambridge Graphene Centre, Chair, Graphene Flagship

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  • Session I a.m.

    Introduction | The Value Network for Graphenes: Update & Exercise

  • Session II a.m.

    Science & Technology Update Session

  • Lunch

    Networking, meetings, Expo & Tours

  • Session III p.m.

    Value Network Service Design

  • Session IV p.m.

    Press & Media Event (Sessions III & IV may be reversed)

  • Dinner at Madingley Hall, Cambridge (advanced confirmed & invited attendees)

    Exclusive networking with leaders, experts & participants

Day 2 - Graphene+ Business Conference 2015 Cambridge - November 6, 2015

  • 4 Sessions & Panels - 09:30 - 17:00

    Draft confirmed agenda please request brochure as above for up-to-date

  • Session I: Introduction

    Distinguished Panel

  • Introduction to Graphene Value Network - Dr Justin Hayward, Cambridge Investment Research

  • Chairman’s Introduction: Professor Andrea Ferrari, Cambridge Graphene Centre Director

  • Address from The Rt Hon the Lord Broers, Former VC CU & Board Member, CGC

  • Professor William O’Neill, Institute for Manufacturing

  • Graphene innovations - Ray Gibbs, CEO, Haydale plc, Lead Sponsor

  • Challenges for Graphene in Space - Head of Space R&D Airbus confirmed

  • Panel joined by Lord Broers & Andrew Houghton, Graphene Flagship, EC Europa

  • Session II: Industrial applications of GRM 2D functional materials 11:30am

    How to make it?

  • Bottom up process and prospects of CVD based structural filled materials - NanoCarbon

  • Process engineering innovation topics related to production of G Oxides & Films - Dr Iñigo Charola, Graphenea

  • Industrial Problems & Solutions for GRMs - Dr Krzysztof Koziol, CEO, Cambridge Nanosystems

  • Reliable Supply Platform for Graphene & non-carbon 2D Materials - Dr Andy Goodwin Director, Thomas Swan

  • Keynote: Industrial Graphene Use & Coatings - Tata Steel

  • Panel with Del Stark Nanopro

  • Session III: Applications: Electronics & Displays and Energy Storage - 2pm

    Key Market Focus

  • Keynote: CEO, FlexEnable: Enabling your product to display, sense, flex and roll | Co-Lead Sponsors

  • Dr Kate Stone, CEO, Novalia - Graphene & The Internet of Things

  • OCSIAL EUROPE Will Riches

  • Dr Chris Stirling, Haydale plc, Potential for energy storage Apps with Supercapacitor Technology

  • Keynote: Daejoo Electronics Materials

  • Session IV: Innovation, Economics and Investibility - 4pm - 5:30pm

    Growing with Graphene

  • Nick Coutts MA, Senior Associate, Cambridge Investment Research, Routes to Value & Genesys Capital

  • Simon Portman, Marks & Clerk, IPR Strategy Issues for GRMs

  • Dr Kirill Mudryy, Investments, Enso Ventures - Global Graphene Investment

  • Keynote: Challenges & opportunities for Graphene in Oil & Gas: BP plc

  • Panel joined by: Professor Vladimir Falko, NGI

  • Networking

    Reception at Cambridge University


The brand new Cambridge Graphene Centre Building, Cambridge, England - state-of-art auditorium, adjacent to new labs; excellent, bright, relaxed, high level networking & exhibition spaces, meeting areas, great food, plentiful coffee & drinks.

The beautiful Madingley Hall, Cambridge for dinner.

Delegates are booking at Hilton Doubletree & City Hotel, in central Cambridge.

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